Catholic Christmas Plays

About Catholic Christmas Plays

Catholic Christmas Plays features original plays written by Tom Priest (that's me). I have worked as both a teacher and principal in Catholic education for the past 17 years.

During that time, and even as a student, the Christmas Program was always one of my favorite events of the school year. As a teacher I always volunteered for the Christmas Play Committee... it was fun, and working with our students practice and perform was a great way to enjoy their talents and express my own during the Christmas season.

Over the past six years I have gone from just directing plays to writing and directing them. I enjoy writing and the opportunity to add a little humor to the traditional Christmas message each year. All four of my plays have been performed successfully for school communities over the years.

After my first play, friends suggested that I look into publishing. It took a little more nudging (and a few more Christmases) to decide to give it a try. After considering publishing through other sources I have decided to try self-publishing... after all, it reduces costs (for everyone) and allows me to oversee all areas from writing and performing to publishing and distributing.

Plays are sent electronically, so there are no shipping charges. Purchasing a play means you are purchasing the right to make copies as needed for your church and/or school performance.

Purchase prices are set the same for all plays, with an effort to keep them affordable for church and school groups. 

All plays are written for grade school or youth group performance. While one of the plays does have original music, all of them are written with breaks for traditional Christmas carols and hymns if desired. Using songs from the public domain eliminates the need for additional costs, but also helps establish and maintain the traditional feel of each Christmas play for audiences of all generations. It should be fairly easy to decide what traditional songs are a good fit for each of the breaks between scenes. Plays can be performed without any musical component as well if so desired.

Take a look at my site. A brief synopsis for each play is included, as well as a page or two from each play so you can get a feel for the dialogue, humor, and tone. I hope you like what you see, and if so, let someone else know about

Thanks for looking, you can e-mail me at with any questions